A Word About Costs

Almost all Hospices (96% – including Compass) have no direct relationship with any government agency.

We are required to operate under a set of federal and state regulations that have been put in place for your protection.

We operate under the Medicare Hospice Benefit which is included under Part A coverage. We also operate under the Texas Administrative Code.

There are a number of other State and Federal regulations we must follow as a member of the medical community but these 2 agencies form the foundations for what we do.

*Hospice care is a benefit provided at no cost to eligible Medicare beneficiaries and those who qualify for Medicaid. Medicare does allow hospice agencies to charge a co-payment of 5% on prescription medications and a type of care called “respite care.”

*When considering a Hospice – think to ask – Are there any – co-pays?

Most private insurers also cover hospice care as well – check with your insurance company to learn what your coverage limits are, including any deductibles and other co-payments you are responsible for.

Most people who use hospice are over 65 and entitled to the Medicare Hospice Benefit or have access to hospice through Medicaid. Hospice care from either of these sources covers all hospice services and if co-pays are not charged (Compass does not) there are no out of pocket costs. This means you will not be faced with additional financial burdens. This may be a sharp contrast to the huge medical expenses which may be incurred at the end of life when hospice is not used.


Compass Hospice of Big Spring

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